Water is a valuable resource, governments should – IELTS essay

Water is a valuable finite resource, governments all over the world should control how much water their citizens use.

to what extent do you agree or disagree.

Water is the most vital resource needed for life. It is a natural resource and is limited in supply. As the world’s population increases there is increasing pressure on this resource, however, water should always be free as nature intended it to be. Most water resources are controlled by governments around the world. There is sufficient water for all life on Earth in spite of the growing population. Two thirds of Earth is water. The real problem is management and distribution of water. Governments can improve water supply where it is deficient. Currently, governments control all supply of water. They should not set a limit to the amount of water an individual can use because there is technology available to solve all water shortage, anywhere.
There is an urgent need in many parts of the world where people suffer without water. In Saharan Africa and India, people have to walk miles to get their supply of water. There are countries in the middle-east where water is truly scarce yet they don’t have a shortage of it. It is a matter of the governments to take a few steps to solve this simple problem forever. Governments should allocate more water by linking up rivers and diverting flood water to the needy areas and they can set up desalinization plants to convert sea-water to fresh water. If the government cuts the supply of water as is the case in many Indian cities, there would only be more suffering. Water is nature’s gift to humanity and it was intended to be free of control and costs.

In conclusion, governments have no right to limit water supply, on the other hand, they should increase water supply by forecasting consumption and finding ways to plug the gap between supply and demand of water. Water should always be free it should not become a commodity.

How to write an essay on water in IELTS?

Here are some points you could use while writing an essay on water.
Some people may say that water is a finite resource. Others could have the opinion that water is finite but is still abundantly available for human consumption.

1- Water is scarce (limited), few countries in the world have real deficit in availability of water.
2- Truth is most countries don’t manage water resources well and that is reason for all the water problems of the world.
3- Water can be made available free of cost to everyone as it becomes the social responsibility and moral obligation of the authorities.
4- Charging money for water consumption would be similar to charging money for the air we breathe.

Examples for this IELTS essay.

– Middle-east is naturally water deficient, however use of technology has enabled them to fulfill their domestic demand for water.
– Israel is another example of a country that has done well with water resources.
– In India, every year there are floods and yet some places have a drought. This can be addressed easily if water resources such as rivers are managed well.

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