How to write IELTS writing task 2 easy method

Simple Method to write an essay in IELTS writing task 2

You are expected to write about 250 words on a given topic. The topic is usually one of the types described here.
1. Nowadays most of the urgent problems can only be solved through international cooperation. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
2. With the increase in the use of the internet, books will soon become unnecessary.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

If you look at the given topic, you’ll see that it has a statement/opinion and then a question. Most students find it difficult to begin writing, to write an introduction, read the statement and paraphrase it in your own words. Find words that give the same meaning. Then you ask “what is it about?” use a definition or some relevant background to make 4 to 5 lines or 50-60 words. Let us use an example:

Nowadays most urgent problems can be solved through international cooperation.

Introduction: nowadays = These days, currently, In today’s world etc
most of = Many of, almost all, the majority of and so on…
urgent problems = immediate problems, concerns, challenges…
International cooperation = International coordination…

These days , the majority of immediate problems can be resolved through international coordination.
(expanding the first sentence to set the context) : The world is interdependent and no country can isolate itself and expect to solve its problems. It is also true for individuals and businesses. Natural disasters, defense/wars, food shortages and famines are some situations that can demonstrate the importance of international cooperation. This can happen at different levels, government to government, people to people and between organizations.

writing task 2 – Supporting reasons:

Due to the increase in access to information through the internet and better transport between countries, awareness of problems around the world has increased. Whenever there are natural disasters like floods or earthquakes, foreign assistance is immediately sent. Collective resources of the international community are far greater than any one region or country’s resources. One devastating problem of famine is tackled because of international aid. The number of deaths due to starvation and disease is greatly reduced. Organizations like the united nations, world bank and aid programs have contributed to solving many problems faced by humanity as a whole. Healthcare and availability of medicines from everywhere on Earth have helped in the reduction of deaths and in some cases eradicated some diseases altogether.

One example of how international cooperation solved the problem of hunger is the UN food program that supplies food to the most affected people on the planet. Burundi had a massive food shortage, with the help of the UN, they are able to provide school lunch in their schools. Another example is the USAID which give essential funding for many international development programs helping millions of people to access education, sanitation, and healthcare.

In conclusion, It is an undeniable fact that international cooperation helps in solving problems. If the world was isolated, many more people would have died. It is observed that the most isolated countries like North Korea have immense problems which can be solved easily. There can be no other way but cooperation as we all share the same planet.

The above example of Writing task 2 shows how you could write an IELTS essay.

1. Introduction – Definition/ background information +opinion
2. Give reasons to support your opinion.
3 write two examples
4. conclude with a summary

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