IELTS Speaking practice – Vocabulary and sample questions

IELTS Speaking practice – Vocabulary and sample questions

IELTS speaking test has three parts. In the first part questions relating to a general topic of interest that the candidate may be familiar with, are asked such as “describe your hometown” and questions about general events in life. It is important to be familiar with vocabulary associated with these topics.

In the second part, a topic is given in a cue card that is usually a topic of general interest that the candidate would have to speak on for about two minutes. 1 minute is given as time to think and prepare. the candidate may make notes.

The third part has rounding up questions based on the part two questions are asked.
Total duration of the speaking test is expected to be about 15 minutes.

Part one:
Sample test 1


Do you work or do you study?

Where do you study?

How long have you studied there?

Is your university/school a good place to study at?

What are your favorite subjects and why?


Where do you work?
What is your daily routine?
Do you enjoy your job?
Do you think you would do a different job someday?

advice and sample answers.

tip: Do not give one word answers like “yes”, “no” etc.

Part one:

1. “Do you work or do you study?” /”where do you study?”
Vocabulary: Attend school – go regularly to school.
example answer: “I attend business school. I’m a freshman at the university of …”

2. “How long have you studied there?”
example answer: I studied there for 10 years.

use for to indicate a period or since to give a specific time.
3. “Is your university/school a good place to study?”
example answer: “Yes it is a great place to study science (you could replace science with any subject) because it has good facilities such as a large library, sports center, canteen and a friendly teaching staff. It is also very affordable.”

4. “What are your favorite subjects?”
example answer: ” my favorite subject is chemistry. I like doing experiments in the lab. It is interesting to learn about the chemicals around us…”

5. “Where do you work?”
example answer: “I work at ABC company as a sales manager. My office/workplace is in the company headquarters in Ho Chi Minh city”

6. “What is your daily routine?”
example answer: “I usually wake up at 7 in the morning, I get ready, have a coffee and leave home by 9 am. I take a bus to work. I start work at 10 am. I have lunch at the office cafeteria around 1 pm. I get back home at about 5 pm. I usually play tennis after work. On the weekends, I stay at home and spend time with my family.”

7. “Do you enjoy your job?”
example answer: “I like my job very much. I enjoy interacting with the customers and helping them decide on what to buy. The best part of the day is when I succeed in making a sale. I don’t enjoy meetings that much. They are boring.”

8. “Do you think you would do a different job someday?”
example answer: “Yes, I would like to be a business manager someday. I think I would be a successful manager. If I could set up my own business that would be great too.”

Part two:

Describe a conversation you had with a friend recently.
Who is this person?
What was the conversation about?
Where did this conversation take place?
Why did you enjoy this conversation?

Advice: make sure you answer all the questions.

example answer: “Last week I had a conversation with a friend at work/a colleague about watching a new movie that we wanted to see. His name is …., we share a common interest in sci-fi movies so we were making plans to watch this movie at the weekend. It was an interesting discussion on which theater to go to and we discussed our preferences over lunch at work. I enjoyed the conversation very much, firstly because I was eagerly waiting for this movie release and secondly because my friend points out any details I missed.”

Part three:

“What are the different topics that men and women usually discuss?”
example answer: “Men usually discuss work. They like talking about achievements and competitions in life that they successfully won where as women usually talk about emotions and how they or somebody felt in some situation. Some favorite topics that women discuss are shopping, parties, boyfriends and family.”

“Why are some people good at public speaking while others are afraid of it?”
example answer: ” Some people are good at public speaking because they are not afraid of rejection or failure. Most people who are comfortable speaking in public are confident about their content and presentation. First time speakers could be scared of talking to a crowd. The thing that scares public speakers the most is making a fool of themselves, if they are not familiar with the audience and the surroundings it adds to their fear.”

IELTS Speaking sample test 2

IELTS speaking exercise – Fashion and clothes.

Part one:

Q. What are fashionable clothes?

answer: Clothes that are internationally hip and trendy are fashionable. I think designer clothes are more in vogue because they are different from normal clothes.

Q. Is fashion important to young people?

answer: Yes, I think young people like to be identified with fashion, it is necessary to be able to have a unique look. Young people all over the world try to be in fashion.

Q. What type of clothes do you usually wear?

answer: I usually wear casual clothes like a t-shirt and jeans. I dress for comfort.

Q. How often do you buy clothes and from where?

answer: I go shopping for clothes every month. I like to buy the latest fashion. I usually buy clothes at different malls that have many branded outlets.

Q. Has fashion changed over the years?

answer: Fashion has changed a lot over the years. The clothes that my parents wore when they were young are very different from the ones I prefer. In the 70s people wore bell-bottom pants and shirts with huge collars. Nowadays, that is considered old-fashioned.

Part two:

Describe a market that you frequently visit
Where is it?
What do you buy there?
who do you go with?
Why do you enjoy going to this market?

model answer:
I visit the local supermarket almost everyday. It is a medium sized supermarket that sells groceries and daily needs. It also has a clothing section and a bakery. The supermarket is not far from my home so I walk to it usually after work. I buy food, detergents, personal care items and top up my mobile data plan. I often visit this market alone , sometimes I go there with my friends on the weekend. This supermarket sells ready to eat fast food such as different types of noodles and pizzas. I really enjoy the food there. The staff at the market are very friendly and it has very friendly ambiance. I enjoy going there because its very close to my home, its very affordable and its fun hanging out there.

IELTS speaking test 3 – free time activities

important: Please see our section on speaking clearly and using the sounds of English.

IELTS speaking test – recent IELTS speaking sample

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