In many countries there is a shortage of suitable people – IELTS essay

In many countries there is a shortage of suitable people for essential jobs. What do you think are the causes of this problem and what measures could be taken to solve it?

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Skilled professionals are always in demand. The right person for the right job is difficult to find. With ever changing technology, and the type of jobs offered are often not relevant to the skills and education that people get. There are many reasons for the shortage of suitable people for essential jobs such as lack of essential technical skills, poor quality of education and lesser number of people with specializations. Traditionally people with some basic education often don’t upgrade their skill sets to match the requirements of employers.

There is also the problem of communication in non-English speaking countries where English language is the official language. In countries like India, there is a huge pool of skilled people with poor English language skills which keeps them out of work.
To improve the availability of suitably skilled workers, the approach to education at a policy level has to change in order to be relevant to the needs of the job market. People must be encouraged to retrain or up-skill themselves based on the requirements of employers.
Many people who are not comfortable with using computers may find it very difficult to secure employment. Computer studies are not taught as a compulsory subjects on an equal footing as Math, English and science. It is no longer a specialization but a fundamental requirement.
Governments should take measures to review school curriculum frequently to include any new or relevant subjects. There must be more affordable vocational schools that can provide essential skills to those who need them. Carpentry has been a subject taught at some trades schools, this subject may have few takers as it has become an obsolete skill, instead there should be mobile application making as a taught skill.
Finally, the problem will always be there, one approach to solving this problem of suitable candidates is to have companies that hire to first train their potential employees first and then pick the best out of the trainees.