Chicago's famous street decoration called "the bean"

Describe your city IELTS speaking part 2

Describe your city sample answer IELTS speaking part 2 question

Describe you city
You should say
Where it is,
What it is known for,
What are the advantages and disadvantage of living there?
What are some of the problems your city faces?

Sample answer:

Audio sample answer by Kroo Scott

I live in Chicago, it is also called the windy city. It is located in the state of Illinois, USA. It is well known for many things, mainly pizza, Al Capone (gangsters), “the bean” and its big businesses. Chicago makes the best deep dish Pizza in the world. What makes Chicago outstanding is it’s people, it is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It has all the things the big apple has yet it has its own charm.

Chicago's famous street decoration called "the bean"
Chicago’s famous street decoration called “the bean”

Chicago has a really cold winters with lots of snow. The main advantage of living in Chicago is it’s numerous opportunities. It is easy to find work. It has some of the best restaurants in the country. The hot dogs are good too. Chicago metropolitan area has some of the largest corporations in the world. It is definitely a city that offers a complete range of options from arts to business. Natural beauty is in abundance too.

Some of the drawbacks of living in Chicago are the dangerous neighborhoods, violence on the streets and it is expensive. Compared to other major cities, Chicago does have a fair bit of shootouts, gun fights and street gun battles.It is also quite expensive to live in some of the better neighborhoods and suburbs.

some suggestions on how to speak about “my home town”

While you describe your city or talk about “my home town” you could broadly think of some points such as it’s location. size, population, it is well known for? etc. you can also describe the weather and attractions. Balance your answer and make sure you have covered all parts of the question.

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