problems caused by tourism are more serious than those it solved -IELTS essay

Some countries have come to rely on tourism as their major source of income. However, many believe that the problems caused by tourism are more serious than those it solved.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion

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Many countries around the world promote tourism as it is a significant contributor to their economies. Tourism has been a leading industry that can improve local living standards. Although there are multiple benefits of tourism, there are more problems than benefits. Tourists bring their culture, their diseases and their tantrums with them.

The most apparent benefit is the tourist dollar, in countries where tourism is the main source of income, tourists are well treated, and any minor or subtle problems caused by them are totally ignored. A common problem caused by tourism is the culture erosion. Tourists change local customs over a period of time which is irreversible damage caused to the local culture. Thailand is a good example of bad effects of tourism. Many tourists traveling in Thailand tend to have drunken brawls and corrupt the local culture with their moonlight parties and other debaucheries. In other countries, social problems like abuse of children, damage to heritage sites are due to tourism. Tourism is only good when it’s regulated and tourists behave well in the host country. One clear example is the dependence of tribal villages on tourism, the long neck villages in northern Thailand and the African jungle tribes live on the money they earn from tourists. Their cultures are slowly but surely changing, they have become performers for the tourists and risking losing their identity.

It is an undeniable fact that tourism is needed as a source of income, however the bad effects far outstrip the benefits.


Debauchery – excessive indulgence in pleasures of all kinds. Depravity
Drunken brawls – Noisy fight or quarrel by the drunk.

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