There are many different types of music in the world today

There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

Breakdown the topic in three parts:
1. Different types of music :
related vocabulary : Traditional music, International music, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Reggae, Blues and Soul

2. Why do we need music?
– for entertainment
– to relax
– to relieve stress
– for ceremonial purposes
3. Is traditional music more important than International music?
Give your opinion. Yes it is or no it isn’t.
Why is traditional music or international music more important?
Could they both be equally important?
give reasons, develop the topic by writing about the both traditional and international music – what do they mean and where are they heard? give examples and conclude.
Model answer is available below.

How to write this IELTS essay?

Use the 4 step process to prepare for this IELTS essay.

Step 1 – write the introduction – restate or paraphrase the topic with your opinion.

Step 2 – Develop the topic – write background information and answer the question “why we need music?”

Step 3 – Give examples from your own experience and a generic one.

Step 4 – Assert your view in the conclusion.

IELTS 8-9 band Model answer for – There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

Music is classified into different categories based on its origin and sound. Some old forms of music are considered traditional music which might have originated or associated with a particular region. Music is enjoyed by everybody, it is human nature to appreciate music so it is also called “the universal language”. Humans need music for the pleasure of listening to it and also because there are many positive effects or results of listening to music. It is entertainment that has been around since time immemorial, it was used to pass on history, folklore, secret messages and for healing. Many cultures have folk songs with stories in them, while others have certain types of music for certain occasions.

Music that becomes popular around the world transcending national borders and linguistic barriers is often called International music. It is one of many genres of music. Due to the advent of technology, music spreads rapidly around the globe. Traditional music that is specific to a particular culture is often perceived to be at odds with international music. Contrary to this belief, international music often gets inspired by traditional music. Music is harmony. There is a complimentary relationship between traditional and international music. Traditional music is important and must be preserved in the same way as antiques and old relics. National interest in traditional music often keeps them alive. There are a number of countries around the world like India, Vietnam, Australia and USA to name a few that actively encourage and protect ethnic and traditional music. The aborigine music from instruments like Didgeridoo is kept alive by tourism and government support in Australia.

We are musical societies unlike animals which seemingly don’t have any interest in music or ability to produce it.
It is a function of the higher beings. Music is unavoidable, it is in nature and humans enjoy it. Traditional music must be preserved while international music is enjoyed. No genre or type of music can ever be superior to others. The reality is that both traditional and international music are simply different manifestations of the same spirit, therefore they are equally important.

what is the opinion expressed in the above model answer?

The model IELTS essay suggests that both traditional and international music are equally important. Although IELTS questions ask for an opinion, it is not necessary that you must support just one view stated in the essay question.

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  • Priya George

    Here is a band 9 score response to the prompt.It was found on
    Facebook,written by Arun Anand an IELTS Course teacher from India.His
    Facebook page is IELTS Essays by Arun Anand.You may want to check it

    Our association with music begins as early as in childhood,dozing off
    listening to a sweet lullaby and continues throughout our lives
    indulging in it often,deriving excitement or solace.Music is not
    directly important for our survival,but for most of us life would be
    less interesting without it as we still have not come up with a better
    way to communicate our emotions,intentions and identity.Among the
    different genres of music in the world today,in my opinion,the
    traditional music of a country is more important than the international
    music that is heard everywhere nowadays.

    In the first place,music is an essential part of how most of us enjoy
    our leisure time.It is so engrossing that we forget about our trials
    and worries of everyday existence.It has the power to elicit deeply
    personal and specific patterns of thought and emotion in us.Further,we
    need it to celebrate special occasions.Without music,it would not be the
    same celebrating at sporting events or embracing landmark moments such
    as wedding or birthdays.It also has the potential to help us perform
    better.Exposure to music activates and engages different areas of the
    brain,and has been shown to enhance memory and other cognitive

    What makes traditional music more important is the role it plays in
    preserving a nation’s culture,history and identity.It reveals the
    evolution of a society in terms of livelihood,values and aspirations.The
    knowledge can motivate its members to work towards achieving common
    goals and sharing their concerns. However,it is admitted that global
    music might always have wider audience as it plays to universal human
    feelings namely love, loneliness and loss but it can never fulfill the
    functions of traditional music better.

    To conclude, the creation and performance of music maybe the
    exclusive domain of a few but its appeal permeates age and region and
    will never lose its sway in our lives.

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