With the increase in use of the internet books will soon become unnecessary

 IELTS writing task 2 free practice.

With the increase in use of the internet, books will soon become unnecessary.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

Internet has become the primary source of information today, marginalizing books. For centuries books were the most reliable source of information all over the world. Internet has changed that. It is easier to find information online than to look through several books. The speed of the internet has influenced the way people read or write. There are several benefits of using internet instead of books. It is fast, it is free and is available to everyone who has access to the net.

Books have been used to store information and pass it on for generations. Some of the drawbacks of reading books are that they are expensive, bulky and have limited capacity to store information. They are also not good for the environment because paper is made by cutting down trees in their thousands every year. The convenience of internet and the advancement in technology gave rise to e-books which are paperless and are either free or cost a fraction of the cost of books. More people today read e-books than ever before. A good example of internet taking over books is that of Wikipedia. It has replaced the old and bulky Encyclopedia. Britannia Encyclopedia went out of production but nobody misses it primarily because of availability of all sorts of information online.
In the future, books may become collector’s items and may not be significant to future generations. They simply are no match to the power of the internet. As the drive for a paperless world is getting popular, books and use of paper will become obsolete.

Obsolete – outdated
Marginalize- insignificant concept, group, trivialized, sidelined
Example of usage:
Something has become obsolete (It is no longer needed or important. Outdated)
Something is marginalized (meaning it has lost its significance)

This sample answer is thought to be in the range of band 7 to 9 if scored in the IELTS test.

How to write 250 words in IELTS writing task 2 on this topic  ?

With the increase in use of the internet books will soon become unnecessary

First paragraph

What is your reaction to this statement? Write if you are for or against or both?

Second paragraph

How much has the use of internet increased? Who uses Internet and why?

In what parts of the world is it used more?

Third paragraph

Write about advantages and disadvantages of books and mention how the internet is replacing books?

Give examples: Wikipedia and encyclopedia Britannica


Restate opinion while accepting some aspects of the opposite view.

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