IELTS writing task 2 – advisable age for formal education

In some countries it is thought advisable that children begin formal education at four years old , while in others they do not have to start until they are seven or eight. How far do you agree with either of these views.

In some countries children start going to school at 4 or less and in others they begin later at 7 or eight. There are many reasons why they start either at 4 or 7 years old. Humans are capable of learning more when they are younger as they are in the learning mode and they can easily grasp new knowledge. People who believe in this are the ones who send their children to school at 4 or younger. In most countries it is not a matter of choice but one of compulsion. Children themselves are not allowed to choose. On the other hand some countries believe that children must first prepare themselves and spend more time with their families before they start formal education.

Firstly, there are many benefits of beginning early. Children can learn better, they can accept changes faster then those who begin formal education later. The exposure to a world outside their home in a nursery is their earliest experience of society. Those who start later experience family more and get an informal education in their formative years. A young mind is impressionable, Children largely learn from their parents and surroundings and therefore cannot always get the right learning experiences at home.

Secondly, the late beginners may not learn nearly as much because they have to achieve more in relatively less time. In my country children begin their formal education at 3 or 4 and many acquire their basic skills far sooner than those who start late. By the time they are 7 they are capable of basic arithmetic, reading and writing skills.
Most Asian countries stress on starting formal education early, the result is that Asia has more skilled labor than any other continent. In countries like Germany they begin formal education much later at around 6 or 7.
It is generally a good practice to start formal education at 4 as the children are not too young and are able to begin obtaining an education. The argument that Children must be fully developed before they go to school at 7 is not reasonable. It is more of a delay in getting educated.

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