IELTS writing task 2 in Chiang mai sample band 7

IELTS writing task 2 in Chiang mai Thailand – sample answer

I’ve been helping Thai students prepare for the IELTS test here in Thailand for some years now.
Whenever, a student returns to school after they take the IELTS test they often discuss the topics and other info about the test. I would most certainly try to get the writing task 2 question from them and the speaking part 2 topics. One of my students recently took the IELTS test in Chiang mai. The topic he was given for the writing task two was.

Some people  lead a healthy lifestyle by doing healthy activities, while other people continue with unhealthy activities although they know that these activities can cause health problems. What can be done to improve health awareness.

People are more aware of health issues and are careful about their health. Many people do regular exercises to keep fit.  Staying healthy has become fashionable. Many mobile applications for staying healthy are available as well. There are also many people who continue their unhealthy habits, although they know they could destroy their health. Smoking is one such unhealthy activity that people continue to indulge in. Other unhealthy activities that people do are eating too much sugar and fatty food, not exercising at all and working through the nights.

There are several reasons why people continue to do unhealthy activities. They continue to do them because they are habituated or addicted, they derive some pleasure or benefit which is perceived as important, another reason could be that they have no alternative. Smokers are fully aware of the health risks, they continue to smoke because they are addicted to it and see no real incentive to stop till they get sick. Many people drink sugary drinks and eat fatty food in excess, it is often not seen in the same light as smoking. So they enjoy their big snacks although they get obese. Psychologists believe that eating in excess is like smoking, there is pleasure associated with it.

To improve health awareness and stop people from doing unhealthy activities, there should be a real motivation. Health needs to be tied up to an individual’s personal goals only then will they be able to stop doing unhealthy activities. The government should conduct awareness activities like community health programs with incentives. In the recent Olympics that were held in Russia, local train tickets were given free to anybody who do 30 squats in front of the ticket vending machine. That scheme was a great hit with the people and also made international headlines. Tangible health benefits and may be other incentives should be given to those who give up unhealthy activities. A public initiative and individual motivation can greatly improve  health all over the world.

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