IELTS Speaking test sample with audio band 8

Talking about changes in IELTS speaking test

IELTS speaking test has 3 parts to it. The first part has questions about general topics that are familiar to the candidate like work, family, hometown, daily routines etc. After a few minutes a topic of general interest is given to the candidate and is asked to speak for up to 2 minutes. Follow up questions based on the topic are asked to finish the speaking test in the IELTS exam.

Sample speaking test 4 audio


IELTS speaking sample test 1 with audio

Do you work or do you study?
Where are you from?
Describe the town where you grew up?
What kind of town is it?
What is the most interesting place in your town?
Do you think it’s a good place to live in?

Let’s talk about transport..

What kind of transport do you use regularly?
How do people in your country travel on long journeys?
How has transport there changed over the past 10 years?

IELTS Speaking test Part 2- you must talk for at least a minute about this topic.

Describe someone you know, or somebody famous who has achieved great success.
You should say who they are and what they do
Where they came from: Their background
How they became successful
and explain why you admire this person.

Follow up questions

Had this person had to make sacrifices in order to achieve success?
Do most people in you country share your admiration for him/her?

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