no borders and people move freely-IELTS essay

A large proportion of people live and work in other countries today than at any time in the past. It is very probable that in the future there will be no borders and people will be able to move freely between countries.

To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

IELTS model answer with a score range of 7 to 9 band in IELTS writing task 2


A huge number of people travel and settle in other countries for work these days. Migration for work is at an all-time high although there are many restrictions placed on movement of workers by the countries that receive them, there is also a subtle acceptance of foreign workers. Many countries in Europe are part of the European Union. Foreign workers within Europe are free to live and work in all the member states. EU is a fine example of a borderless world.

A world without borders was considered farfetched in the past. Nowadays small parts of the world are opening their borders for free travel. In Asia, Africa and Europe this is already a trend. Visa free travel is the norm and will expand to more countries in the future. It is definitely possible that the world would at some point in time be free of national borders. The world seems to be moving towards an open society with freedom of movement. National borders are usually drawn to protect and nurture the local population much like a zoo with enclosures. There could be great economic progress if the world was borderless. ASEAN is an association of countries that is implementing visa free travel for citizens of member nations starting 2015.

The Borderless world is partially a reality now and will certainly happen in the future. People will see great benefit in doing so.

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